Published Works

The manual of domestic incidents 2006 (numbered edition 1-500)
First Published by Pelinore Press in October 2006
ISBN 0-9554270-0-2 and 978-0-9554270-0-8
First Published by Pelinore Press in January 2012
ISBN 978-0-9554270-7-7
With Water 2010 – 2014 series 1-5 in collaboration with Christian Kipp
Sky 2010
Pool 2011
Island 2012
Eigg 2013
Fall 2014
Kneale, H. (2010), ‘A field guide to a physical Philosophy’, Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices 2:2, pp. 205-217, ISSN 1757-1871
Kneale, H. (2015), ‘The daily round the common task’, Attending to Movement. Somatic Perspectives on Living in this World – See more at Triarchy Press
Hilary Kneale ’The Alchemical Body’, chapter included in ‘Body and Awareness’, Sandra Reeve (ed) due for publication 2020 Triarchy Press. Dorset. UK.