Published Works

The manual of domestic incidents 2006 (numbered edition 1-500)
First Published by Pelinore Press in October 2006
ISBN 0-9554270-0-2 and 978-0-9554270-0-8
First Published by Pelinore Press in January 2012
ISBN 978-0-9554270-7-7
With Water 2010 – 2014 series 1-5 in collaboration with Christian Kipp
Sky 2010
Pool 2011
Island 2012
Eigg 2013
Fall 2014
Kneale, H. (2010), ‘A field guide to a physical Philosophy’, Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices 2:2, pp. 205-217, ISSN 1757-1871
Kneale, H. (2015), ‘The daily round the common task’, Attending to Movement. Somatic Perspectives on Living in this World – See more at Triarchy Press
Hilary Kneale ’The Alchemical Body’, chapter included in ‘Body and Awareness’, Sandra Reeve (ed) due for publication 2020 Triarchy Press. Dorset. UK.
Kneale H. (2021) The Alchemical Body. Movement and the Way of the Shaman. Ways of Being a Body-Volume 3. Body and Awareness. Sandra Reeve (ed.) pp.21-32. Triarchy Press.
Walk of Life Training in Non-stylised and Environmental Movement – Poynor, Helen; Kramer, Paula; Kneale, Hilary 2021. Theatre, Dance and Performance Training, 12(2).
Review of: Suomenlinna // Gropius:
Two Contemplations on Body, Movement and Intermateriality
Kneale, H. (2021) Intellect Publishing
Kramer,P. (2021) Triarchy Press, Axminster, England. ISBN 978-1-913743-24-6 paperback