Peel 2006. 2007. 2013

Peel was initially devised as part of Spread Supported by ACE and MoDA

MoDA 2006
Art Shop and Gallery Abergavenny 2007
Conference of Dance and Somatic Practices Coventry University 2013

Kneale, H. (2015), ‘The daily round the common task.’ Embodied Practice and the Dance of the Everyday. Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices.

She sat on the tall black chair surrounded by potatoes her long calico apron with the low marsupial pocket almost touched the floor. Silently she filled the pocket with potatoes from the pile around her bare feet. One by one by one she bent forward to retrieve a potato from the pocket and she began to peel, the peelings tumbled to the floor in an age-old journey back to the earth from whence they came. Silently, silently she peeled her way through the pile in a seemingly endless continuum, skimming the surface of each potato to reveal the wetted whiteness of an earth grown harvest. The marsupial pocket filled and emptied, filled and emptied, filled and emptied. Viewers came and went, took what they found and left and still she peeled and sometimes she sang a deep low chanting sound turning from somewhere beneath her the sound of an age old song. The potatoes turned from brown to white in her care and preparation. It is the endless turning of the daily round, a meditation, an action, a story, a song.

Interview: Felicity Ford for the Domestic Soundscape 2009
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Arts Council England