‘The Coat and I have been walking the land collecting ancient stories through its tail, creating a tale. Tales of earth, of water, of fire, of air, stories of animals and birds and plants and stories of the far, far stars. These are strange old tales, they lie in bones, in the dark rocks and in the dampness of the breath of small lizards. These are the stories that many of us have forgotten, stories that we once all knew. I, and the Coat have walked the lands in snow and rain and wind and sun collecting the old stories. The old stories are filling the Coat.’

Coat is an evolving work. It is a story that began to emerge in 2012, it emerged first from a collection of bones, vertebrae of many animals threaded into one long spine and thence to the shape of a coat with a long, long tail. It is a story with an ancient echo, a story of a magical garment, that when worn out in the landscape collects about itself into the warp and weft of its fabric the forgotten stories of the land and its creatures. It continues through many hours of walking the land and through sitting quietly collecting stories in many different environments, countries and islands.

Photos: Christian Kipp, William Kneale, Vicky Vergou