Since to follow a trail is to remember how it goes, making one’s way in the present is itself a recollection of the past………onward movement is itself a return.

Ingold and Vergunst

Over the years my work has followed a trail of responses to landscape. Exploration of domestic environments, as installation and action has led me out into the wider fields of hill, vale, moor, river and ocean. I engage with landscape through a relationship to body and substance, time and change, essence and spirit, history and story. The seen and the unseen meet within my body as physical presence in place, and then emerge as making and working with objects and through the magic of the written word.

Underneath the responses that arise within my systems, I sense a growing conversation with the great deep layers of rock beneath that hold the story of the earth. I work with the transmogrification of experiential and intuitive information stretching to the edges of this awareness, becoming a voice of spaces and places between.

I relish the challenge of the edge and stretch of working in collaboration with other artists. I have worked with a rich mix of cross-art form collaborations. Some of the collaborations have continued and developed over a period of many years and others have arisen for specific projects. I work with writers, photographers, filmmakers, dancers, musicians, potters, poets and environmentalists.

The practices of core shamanism are key to my work and to living fully in this world. I have been called by the ancient ways of working within the cycles and phases of earth and moon. I am entranced by the old old stories that whisper to me, in the turn of mother earth, in the voices of the winds and the songs of water.
I live in a place of deep dark nights, the longing for sounds that ‘belong’ to place have brought me at last to a wild place of wind carved trees and moss covered rock. I walk out into the land as badger from her set, slowly weaving myself home here by following pathways through the touch of my feet and the call of my lungs to the wide clear air. I live in a cottage at the base of a tor within the undulations of a moor where my breath is of the seasons and the water that I drink emerges from the earth nearby. It is time for me to be here and to remember.

I work as artist, writer, healer, mentor, teacher and as guardian for Vision Quest. I am grandmother to seven granddaughters.